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Best things about linen fabrics

Linen fabrics will never run out of style. This might seem like a grand and over-reaching statement but when the benefits of linen are lined up side by side and compared to other fabrics it becomes clear why the oldest dated fabric is still around and in use.

To properly understand the wonders of linen we have to go back in time. Linen is made from a plant called flax. The flax plant is uprooted from the ground and left to rot for three days before the fiber is separated. It is then rolled and left in a store for about two to three months for softening. After this, it is combed and separated into different lengths, twisted, and spun into yarn. The long and extra process linen goes through before being used to make our gorgeous dresses is probably the reason why it is so durable and convenient.

Linen fabric comes out of processing with properties that make it super amazing and perfect for spring and summer. Linen fabrics are exceedingly moisture absorbent with an ability to absorb up to 20% of its weight in water and still remain dry. But also get this, as fast as linen absorbs moisture is also as fast as it evaporates, keeping you smooth, fresh and clean all summer long.

Linen fabric is also non-allergenic, lint-free, anti-static, extremely durable as it only gets softer with every wash, and resistant to shape change. The linen fabric is the perfect summertime outfit which is why we fashioned our collection using this super fabric. It is organic, absorbent, and takes to dye well which are all the ingredients needed to make amazing, comfortable outfits.