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Nich spring-summer collection

Our spring-summer collection is here and it’s as gorgeous as ever if we do say so ourselves. When we first thought of this collection we wanted to create something beautiful but minimalistic that still captured the summer vibe. All seasons are beautiful but the summer season is one that revolves its entire aesthetic around looking fit and being beautiful. Summer vibes are bright, clear and happy with the sun shining and the clouds laughing.

But away from the aesthetics of the spring to summer season we also wanted to take a look at the practical side of things. The reason why the summer season is much beloved is also the reason why it can get annoying – which is the heat. Summer comes with the sun and this can cause sweating, perspiration and worst of all – smells. Which is why we fashioned our summer looks around high-quality linen fabrics

The linen material is a super-absorbent and organic material perfect for walking round in the summer. It is a fabric that absorbs moisture at a rate equal to how fast it evaporates it; leaving you smooth, clean and fresh all summer long. The linen fabric is also extremely durable and not prone to lint or static. With linen fabric, your summer would be dust-free and allergy-free as the material is organic. Linen is also insect repellant and has a natural UV protection.

We fashioned our collection using linen because it is simply the best for summer and we only made use of premium, high-quality fabrics to ensure you stay organically summertime fine.